Rapport is having a relationship with a person. It is an emotional connection and an understanding of that individual. It can happen naturally and is a skill that can be developed over time. 

You can create rapport by finding common ground and by being empathic and establishing trust.  

Have you ever met someone for the first time and you just clicked, it felt as though you had a lot in common and you have known them for a long time? It just seemed so natural. 

Or have you had the opposite happen? 

You had instant rapport or you did not.

Rapport is important for you to have in both your personal and professional relationships and being able to build rapport is a very useful tool, allowing you to build relationships faster and it helps to improve communication, creating effective and stronger results.

There are many different ways to establish rapport using Verbal, Non Verbal and Written Communication and having rapport is often the foundation of creating success in each area of your life. When you have established rapport, people are more willing to learn from you and accept your ideas. They are more likely to share information with you and want to collaborate to create new opportunities with you.

If you are someone who struggles with communication and you feel communication often gets lost and you want to develop and improve your rapport building skills. I invite you to discover the science behind Your Mindset – Its Power and Its Importance Over Your Life through my 6 month group coaching program. I would love to have a chat with you to talk more about it, you can call me at 702-714-1888 or email me at rachel@empoweringgrowthcoach.com