“After Addiction, There’s A Science to Pushing Life’s “Re-Set Button.” – Rachel West

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My Story

Transformation Coach, Certified Trainer, Breakthrough Expert, Speaker and Author, Rachel West grew up through her childhood, her teen years, and well into her twenties witnessing first-hand generations of family members their significant others and friends being challenged and held back in life because they were addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs of all kinds. Rachel often made the choice to “be there” and to “accept and help” even some struggling individuals whom others would avoid as a result of negative and even destructive and violent behaviors. Rachel came to see herself as “the one” (sometimes the only one) who cared to “see the good in a person” and to “see the person outside of the problem”.

It was only a few years after Rachel’s disciplined commitment to get a college degree with honors in graphics, multimedia technology and web design when her personal breakthrough occurred. While partnering in a graphics design firm, she followed an opportunity to go deeply into personal development training. There she experienced the power of modern neuroscience to transform individual lives. She recognized this mindset & toolset as part of the method she could master to “accept and help” struggling individuals with a focus on results at a much higher level.

Rachel got to work and incorporated her certified training applying modern neuroscience into her own unique coaching and transformation programs which actually open the door for individuals to “overcome addiction for good”, and to deliver “family addiction mastery” that brings family members back to a healthy wholeness. After attracting several early clients into her one-on-one coaching program, Rachel West founded her own training and personal growth Brand   —   Empowering Growth — to deliver the mindset & toolset “gift” she had experienced, and to instill that advantage into individuals’ minds and their personal lives, and eventually into their professional results and into their greater contribution to community.

“Kudos and Thank You for who you are and what you do! I am grateful to know you and to have recently attended your Mindset Workshop. This workshop helped me see the negativity that I was allowing to influence my life and how I speak to myself. I see there is great, lasting power in how we speak, think and act with ourselves and others.”

Ashlee Venancio, BS BSN RN CEN

"Thank you for all you have done with me, helping me become so much more then I could ever become. I am really happy with your program and you walking with me on this maze to my destination and pass through the sphere of fear. You are a Blessing to me."

Lisa Vasquez, Menopause Healthcoach

“When working with Rachel to Breakthrough my issues around overeating and health, I found her to be patient and tenacious in my moments of resistance. She knew exactly when I needed comforting guidance and when I needed to be redirected towards finding my truth. She is highly skilled and confidently guides you to the path of your true north, where change can take place and you breakthrough to the other side."

Josette Diaz, Founder/Owner, Guidance To Wellness